No Feeling.

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Name: Lee Soo-Hyuk
Ability: Apathy, the power to suppress emotion.
Birthdate: May 31st, 1988
Class: Astronomy


time to wake up.

time to wake up.


-hums contentedly, leaning his head back against the shoulder behind him, mumbling as he pulls their son up on his chest- I love you.

…-smiles softly, stroking the blonde’s hair- I love you too. -whispers- …want me to put him to bed? 

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Anonymous asked: By the powers of magic anon I now make you a man again. Go enjoy your man.

Thank you. 

Dear god, i’d like to never have breasts ever again.

Anonymous asked: *Poof!* You're now a woman!

Oh dear god.





-leans back against you, watching the baby doze off and smiling to himself- 

…-presses a kiss to the younger one’s shoulder- …-closes his eyes- …

(Source: xmen-soohyuk)

dropped-taecyeon asked: He better not. And if he does, I'll drag him anyway. /gently rocks Niran./ He's been good. Great even. He hasn't even had an attack.

-chuckles- …that’s good…has he done any more research on…having a baby…?

dropped-taecyeon asked: /glances up with a grin./ Of course. I'll take the three of you to America and never let you leave. /looks down again, still grinning./ Man, I can't wait...

-smiles warmly- I don’t think Nichkhun would object…-looks at him- …how has Junsu been…?

dropped-taecyeon asked: /chuckles at Niran's wandering hands, lifting one his hands to tickle a finger against the boy's cheek./ I think I want to keep you.

-he squeals a bit- …-smiles and giggles- …-Soohyuk chuckles- You’ll have to take Nichkhun and I with you…we’re a package.

dropped-taecyeon asked: /laughs and carefully lifts the child up above him a little./ Look at you~ /carefully cradles him against his chest./ Hey, Niran~

-smiles a bit- …-Niran giggles and pats his uncle everywhere he can reach-